my comic-making game is clearly very strong atm


makin some cute little cards to go with my recent orders from my store ~
:- )

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ahhh ive been a busy bee again and am finding it difficult to find time to draw!!! so heres some life draws i did last week
urg its just so frusterating tho because i had all these ideas buzzing and they r fading because i cant find time to make them aw me…

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These short comics are finally available to buy as zines in my new online store !

The comics for sale are "On Self-Motivation" , "Bus Driver Blues" and "Flashback". Zines are A5 size, bound with hand sewn red thread and the covers are made of card with a cream marble pattern. They can be shipped world wide and are $3.90 AU each :- )

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so this happened the other day

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im going to miss winter outfits

im going to miss winter outfits

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some old train draws i found whilst rummaging through past sketchbooks

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giving the ol’ colour pencils a go this week

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bus driver blues

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test printed some of comics and made them into little zines today :- ) my only problem is they are so little and dont have a satisfying amount of pages per book because all my comics are relatively short but take a long time to make. Anywho, i’ll post some pictures once i’ve made front covers and are happy with their over-all design. Hopfully i’ll get my store set up soon too yay

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